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The website called Personality Tests Online or Best Serious Personality Tests, which can be reached at https://personality-tests.online offers semi-professional psychological survey tools suitable for audiences of all ages.

The tests on this website are copyrighted, so their reproduction and use outside the personality-tests.online domain is prohibited.
The staff shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the services contained on this website, or anywhere other than this website.

As of today (03/13/2024), the usable products are as follows:
1) Mental Age Test
2) Awareness Test
3) Awakening Test
4) Great Personality Test
5) Logical Intelligence Test

The APP called Personality Tests Online costs $3.99 or €3.99 at the Apple Store. Purchase entitles the purchaser to install the software on his or her device and to enjoy the tests listed above without limitation of time or use. The purchaser will also have access to all quiz tests that will be added to the APP after the purchase of the APP.

Payment Methods:
Payment methods are as provided by the Apple Store. For more information visit the following webpage:
Apple ID payment methods.

The buyer may claim a refund in the following cases:
1) if due to a demonstrable malfunction of the APP one or more tests could not be completed for at least 48 consecutive hours;
2) Whether by mistake the buyer has made payment two or more times.
To exercise your right of withdrawal and request a refund, you must email the staff via the form located here: Contacts. Or by writing directly to the following email address: info@personality-tests-online.com

Personal data collected from this website (Name, Age, Email Address) will only be used for statistical purposes (such as charting) and to send a customized certificate of participation following completion of one or more of our tests.
Under no circumstances will this data be sent or given to third parties, nor will it be used for any commercial purposes other than promoting the tests contained on the APP itself.
Credit card and other payment details will not be recorded, as these are processed by a financial institution outside our website. For their processing please refer to the Apple Privacy Policy.